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Breast Pathology in Patient Care:
Establishing the most accurate pathologic diagnosis is the key to determining the most appropriate management.  This is particularly evident in breast cancer, where every detail in the pathology report can impact major treatment decisions.  Whether the diagnosis is invasive breast cancer or a risk lesion, pathology expertise  matters.  The Stanford Breast Pathology Service provides specialized diagnostic and consultative services for the entire spectrum of breast pathology. The faculty on our service all have subspecialty expertise in breast pathology and are nationally and internationally recognized for their contributions to the field of breast cancer and breast pathology.   
The Stanford breast pathology team provides diagnostic services for all breast biopsies and surgeries taking place at Stanford Hospital as well as second opinions and consultations for cases send from outside Stanford Medicine.   Our service includes specialized testing and interpretation of breast cancer ancillary studies that guide selection of treatment options for breast cancer patients (estrogen and progesterone receptors, HER2 testing by both IHC and FISH and Ki67 studies).  All of our faculty participate in the Stanford Women’s Cancer Center multidisciplinary breast cancer service, including presenting pathology findings at weekly tumor boards.  Our breast pathology team also provides specialized advanced training in breast pathology to pathologists-in-training through our clinical fellowship program.

The Stanford Breast Pathology Service includes the following services:

The Stanford Breast Pathology Service sets high standards to ensure the most accurate diagnosis.  In addition to having faculty with specialty expertise in breast pathology, some of the ways we ensure this including the following:

Ancillary Testing in Breast Pathology available at Stanford:  

Current faculty with specialty expertise in breast pathology: 

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